Steps to a Squeaky Clean Face


Once in a while we look to cosmetics to give us just the right lift and makeover. And as we spend so much time in the drawing board putting on and perfecting waterproof mascara and stay-all-day eyebrows, we also spend as much time having to remove those at night. So how do you deal with makeup that has stayed long past its welcome? Let us walk you through the basics of maintaining a squeaky clean face right before you take your beauty rest. 

Remove makeup this way:
With so much innovation in the beauty market, new products often get lost and unnoticed. But other do manage to stand out. Just take these modern disposable makeup removing towelettes. As the name implies what it does is to remove makeup and basically work as makeup wipes except they’re bigger and, well, more effective if we do say so ourselves.  
Okay, so now that you know that there is such a thing as a makeup removing towelette and you have secured this in your personal drawer, it’s time for you to use it. What you want to do is to lay it across your face and let it stay there for a few moments. There’s no need to rush this process so we’re sure that your face is completely cleaned. Then, with slight back and forth motions, move the towelette up towards your hairline and then down again to your chin and your jaw line. 
That was one side of the towelette. Flip it over and then repeat the above steps until you’re completely cleaned up. Otherwise, go ahead and reach for a second makeup removing towelette. 
Okay, now assuming that you are now clean, it’s time for you to wash your face. For this, you want to make use of cleansing milk or oil. These will be enough to dissolve any remaining makeup on your face. 
And now you’re done! But if you feel that you still haven’t been thoroughly cleaned, feel free to repeat the above processes.